Winter's Heart: Chapter 14

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Author: Val a'Shain

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What the Veil Hides

Chapter Icon: Insect like Helmet

Point of View: Tuon

Setting: Seanchan fleet at sea

Characters: Tuon, Selucia, Ronde Macura, Anath


The Daughter of the Nine Moons arrives in Ebou Dar.


Tuon is going through her morning ritual. Selucia is shaving her scalp for her. The ritual is soothing for Tuon. Something she needs at that moment. Getting dressed she decides she is going to need her veil. Selucia obviously disapproves. Last night she gave a command in anger though, and lost honour because of it. Stepping out of her cabin Tuon meets her damane. She punished one of them last night after she asked the damane to tell the future for her. To make it up she now commands her welts to be taken care of and that the damane is to have sweet custard with every meal until her welts are gone. Tuon prides herself for being able to train damane with the best of the sul'dam.

On deck the members of the blood meet her as well as members of the Deathwatch Guard, dedicated to her personal protection. The Macura woman is on deck too. She sold them some valuable information but her hatred against Aes Sedai goes deep and she is looking for opportunities to do them more damage.

On the Quarterdeck her truthspeaker Anath is waiting for her. She immediately notices the veil and begins to tell her just how silly she is acting. The truthspeaker's job is to tell you just that, plain and simple, whether you want to hear it or not. Tuon is still not comfortable with Anath though. Her previous truthspeaker died less then two years ago. Anath's appointment was a bit of a surprise but nobody questions the Empress, may she live forever. After Anath is done telling her just how silly the veil is Tuon informs her she will not need penance.

They now turn their attention to what to do when they arrive in Ebou Dar. Tuon says Suroth is to be commended for her work with the Forerunners. And her ambition must be looked into. Anath seems convinced Suroth is acting in the best interest of the Empire but Tuon privately thinks great success can breed even greater ambition. Tuon must also make contact with the Dragon Reborn. He must kneel before the Crystal Throne or all will be lost according to the prophecy.

In the distance she sees Ebou Dar. The Corenne would spread from Ebou Dar as it had from Tanchico. The Daughter of the Nine Moons had arrived to take back what was taken from her ancestors.

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