Winter's Heart: Chapter 25

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Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Points of View: Rand, Verin


Rand meets Cadsuane and Alanna. He sends Alanna to negotiate with the rebels in Tear. Verin decides not to poison Cadsuane since she believe her intentions towards Rand.


Rand's Point of View:

Setting: Far Madding

Characters: Rand, Min, Alanna, Cadsuane

Rand sits in the Counsel's Head inn, playing the flute. He tells Min that Alanna is on her way. They talk about Alivia, and he tells Min there is a difference between Alivia helping him to die and her killing him. He has been told that to live he must die. A knock sounds at the door and Cadsuane and Alanna come in. Cadsuane tries to provoke him and once more is shocked when he returns her rudeness. She tells him of all the people she brought with her. He swears and she warns him not to do it again, which he does, so she hits him. She tells him that Narishma, Damer and Eben have been bonded. Cadsuane leaves and Alanna asks what he did that caused her to become unconscious previously. He tells her that he let another bond him. She is shocked and says that she will not release him unless the person who took his bond can cope with him. He doesn't reveal who it was and she tells him that she offered his bond to Cadsuane, who she claims does not seem particularly interested in him. She tells him the Asha'man accepted being bonded as they were scared of the Black Tower. She tells him Damer has healed stilling and that all the other Aes Sedai captives have sworn fealty to him. He sends her to Tear to negotiate with the rebels, telling her to agree to whatever conditions so long as Darlin remains Steward and the laws he put in place remain unchanged. Alanna leaves and Rand wonders how to attract Cadusane's interest

Verin's Point of View:

Setting: Far Madding

Characters: Verin, Elza, Cadsuane

Verin worries about what might happen if the Far Maddingers realize who she is. She suspects the warrants for her arrest may still be in place. She goes to see Cadsuane, who dismisses Elza. Verin pours Cadsuane tea and encourages her to talk. Cadsuane reveals she intends to teach Rand and is worried that he is turning into stone. On hearing that, Verin feels sure of Cadsuane and decides not to poison her.


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Visions and Prophecies

Min's Viewings
  • (About Alivia) "Rand, I like Alivia. I do, even if she does make Nynaeve have kittens left and right. But she is going to kill you."

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