Winter's Heart: Chapter 33

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Blue Carp Street

Chapter Icon: Ruby Hilted Dagger

Points of View: Min, Rand


Rand and Lan go to the third store of the bootmaker’s house and find Gedwyn and Torval dead. Fain attacks Rand and Toram Riatin attacks Lan. Eventually Rand and Lan fall off the roof.


Min's Point of View:

Setting: an inn in Far Madding

Characters: Rand, Min, Nynaeve, Lan, Alivia

Min and Rand are in their room at an inn in Far Madding. Min is upset that Rand is purposely going into a trap, looking for traitorous Asha'man. The knot of emotions that is her link to Rand doesn’t even quiver when she sends her knife flying by his face and sticking into the door. Then Nynaeve, Lan and Alivia walk into the room. Lan is impatient to get moving, so he, Rand, and Nynaeve set out into the city. Nynaeve promises Min that she will look after the both of them. After they leave, Alivia asks Min if she would like to play a game, but Min is too distracted to play. She’s learned that even though Alivia appears to be a mature woman well into her middle years, and can be quite intimidating, even to Nynaeve, she still loves to play children’s games. After pacing back and forth for a time, trying to figure out how much time has passed, she takes her cloak and moves towards the door. Alivia stops her. Min tells her she wants to go find Cadsuane, and Alivia agrees and goes with her.

Rand's Point of View:

Setting: Blue Carp Street, inside and outside a bootmaker’s business

Characters: Rand, Nynaeve, Lan, Padan Fain, Torval, Gedwyn, Toram Riatin

Rand, Lan and Nynaeve check out the shop of the bootmaker Zeram. Rand buys a meat pie to eat, while watching who enters and exits the shop. Rand hears Lews Therin muttering about pasties in his head. Rand questions the meat pie seller about Zeram. Many people are seen coming in and out of the shop. Rand finds out that Zeram’s wife rents out the third floor, but the stairs are inside the shop, and the shop is locked every night. However, there is a two story building housing a seamstress backing onto Zeram’s shop, so it would be easy to sneak into the bootmaker’s shop that way. Then Rand sees Charl Gedwyn and Torval go into Zeram’s shop, and he realizes that they must be the ones renting out the third floor.

Rand goes to find Lan and Nynaeve, who were watching the shop from another area. They've also been questioning people about the bootmaker, and they compare notes. Rand asks Nynaeve to lift him and Lan to the third floor of the bootmaker’s shop. Nynaeve protests, but finally says she’ll do it. She and Lan discuss the upcoming confrontation – she hadn't thought of it until now, but realizes that Rand and Lan are going to execute Gedwyn and Torval. She lifts each of them up to the roof of the bootmaker’s shop, where they slip in through a trapdoor. They slip in, and find another trapdoor, which they also slip through. They find Gedwyn and Torval dead. Rand knows Fain is here, since his wound from the dagger of Shadar Logoth begins to hurt. Fain attacks Rand, while Toram Riatin attacks Lan. Fain runs to another room, and Rand follows him. An illusion of Gedwyn and Torval appears, trying to distract Rand, which doesn't work. Fain is able to escape, and Lan stops Rand from going after him, as the street out front of the shop is starting to fill with Guards. Rand and Lan escape out the trapdoors, but Lan slips and falls on the slate roof. Rand tries to stop him from falling, and they both end up falling from the roof.

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