A Crown of Swords: Chapter 11

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An Oath

Chapter Icon: A black head on a white background facing a white head on a black background

Point of View: Egwene

Setting: The rebel Aes Sedai camp

Characters: Egwene, Faolain, Gareth, Lelaine, Meri, Romanda, Siuan, Theodrin


Egwene looks into Moghedien's disappearance.


Meri awakens and dresses Egwene, who manages to irritate Egwene with every comment. She walks to her study and is told by Faolain and Theodrin that no one saw Marigan leave, although some men remembered seeing Halima. They seem nervous, and Faolain eventually swears fealty to her, which is totally shocking to Egwene. Theodrin does the same and she sets them both tasks. Faolain tells her she does not like her, as she thinks she got off easy when she ran away. She is surprised when Egwene does not punish her for this admission.

Siuan arrives late, complaining that Aeldene is trying to take the Amyrlin's eyes-and-ears from her, and still not coping well with her new place in the hierarchy. Myrelle arrives and Egwene realizes that she has a hold over her because of what Sheriam revealed about the Aes Sedai sent to spread rumors in the Tower. Egwene goes to meet her and sees Gareth. Lelaine and Romanda interrupt to complain about Delana, who wants the Hall to condemn Elaida as Black Ajah. Romanda herself has a plan to identify the Blacks, of which Lelaine does not approve. Egwene leaves them arguing.

She asks Gareth of his plans and if he could take Tar Valon if the army had not increased by the time they get there, Myrelle is disapproving of his plans for a siege. Bryne takes them to see something.

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