A Memory of Light: Chapter 41

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A Smile

Chapter Icon: A serpent twisted through a square

Points of View: Pevara, Moghedien, Talmanes



Pevara's Point of View:

Location: The Field of Merrilor

Characters: Pevara, Androl, Canler, Emarin, Logain, Jonneth

Jonneth tells the group that Mat has the dragons working again. Pevara doesn't expect them to last long, as Taim's men will be able to find them easily. Logain says they are going to move west and orders every Asha'man, Soldier and Dedicated that don't have other orders to look for the golden scepter Taim was holding when Egwene defeated him. Androl tells his group that they aren't going with Logain as they already have other orders, to do something about Taim's lackeys. Canler says he is too tired to be of much use and even Androl is struggling to open a small gateway. Pevara has an idea of how to do what they wish and Androl calls her a genius. She says Taim's men are probably trying to destroy the dragons and they are going to give them a surprise.

Moghedien's Point of View:

Location: The Field of Merrilor

Characters: Moghedien

Moghedien stands over Demandred's corpse and reaches for saidar, finding instead the True Power. She weaves the Mask of Mirrors to make herself look like Demandred and Travels to the back lines of the Sharans, where they are preparing to flee. She sees just three Ayyad, two women and a man. She thinks she understands battle well enough to take charge. An old man, a Sharan monk claims that Moghedien is not Demandred and she kills him. She is accepted and tells them to gather Trollocs and send them to the ruins to attack the Caemlyn refugees. She asks why the Ayyad haven't removed the dragons and is told there are only a dozen left. The dragons go silent and she thinks Taim's men might have silenced them. A gateway opens and she looks into a dark cavern, with dragons pointing out and hears the cry "fire".

Talmanes's Point of View:

Location: The Field of Merrilor

Characters: Talmanes, Aludra, Daerid, Neald

Talmanes asks Neald to close the gateway and open another. The new one opens on Trollocs engaging against Whitecloaks. They fire and close the gateway. They reload and open another.


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