A Tribute to Accepted

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Author: Lealenya Terim

The ring is on your finger, girl
The time has come to choose
Which Ajah will it be, dear child?
Which family best suits you?

If you choose to be a Healer
The Yellows are your friends
With their constant dedication
Only death is the end

Perhaps your best bet are the Blues
Who have a one-track mind
Their perseverance towards one goal
Is never hard to find

Cool detachment your desire?
I know the ones for you
If logic really is your strength
The Whites are your true group

Think with your heart more than your mind?
Is battle your true love?
Go to the Greens to find your place
If men are what you think of

Now there's a certain Ajah
That men who channel dread
To prevent another Breaking
Is why we have the Reds

If you excel in knowing rules
And memorizing laws
The Grays will never let you down
They know every clause

The distant look in their eyes
Books are what they know
Age of Legends, Artur Hawkwing
Browns will tell you where to go

Well Accepted, there you go
Now go on, make your choice
But before you choose your kind
Heed well your inner voice

For once you choose, you cannot change
The family you come from
So please be sure you know yourself
And go choose the right one