A VC Soldier’s Journey

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A VC Soldier's Journey

By Alondrian

A VC Soldier’s Journey

I joined the Tower back in April of 2006. At the time I thought it was simply another fan site for what had become my favorite series The Wheel of Time. I thought it was just a bunch of people who sat around discussing the books, at least until I read the, this site our mission tab on the main page, which drew me in even further. I thought that it was amazing that there was a community of people that loved the books as much as I did. I applied and waited, checking my e mail every day for confirmation that I was accepted. After I was, I spent hours and hours on the site posting first in the introduction, where I met one of the closest friends I ever made, Niniel Lalaith, who at the time was a citizen but is now an Aes Sedai. Then I posted a lot in the book forums and the tavern.

It was in the Olde Warder and Hen I met some of the members of VC. I remember posting in their thread the most because they joked around with everything and made it very welcoming. Not that the other companies did not, I guess I just kind of felt a little more at home with VC. I knew I wanted to climb the ranks and become a warder. So as soon as I could I tested to become a recruit. At first I was very sad, being cut off from the tavern and city forums but I sereved my 12 weeks as a recruit and took the test to become a soldier just as soon as I could. In my time as a recruit I talked on boards as well as in pm with many people from different companies, I read the information they had on their page about what their companies were about, and it was pretty difficult because they all sounded really awesome to be part of. But again, I found to be just overall closer to more of the members of VC than any other. That and the fact that Mother chose two warders from VC which alone was quite inspiring but then I met her, and I thought if such a great person chose two from this company well then it can’t be wrong. I met her two warders at the same time I met her; at a party in L.A. and well it is no wonder why she chose them and apparent why they chose VC.

When I was promoted to solider I was given Dart Gaidin (who I believe is not part of the site anymore) as a mentor, he was also VC. Unfortunately I didn’t get to know Dart for too long as real life swept in and he stopped visiting the site. I visited with VC as well as other companies, I was lacking a mentor and so I really didn’t know what to do after visiting with them, I didn’t know what other steps to take. Then the Company Commander of VC at the time, Jasin Bashar, sent me a private message about my intentions with staying with VC and told me I had to aspire to them if I wanted to continue on ranking up in the site. I thought about it for a little bit but my decision was pretty much made after meeting a few of the guys and getting to know more of them in the VC room.

Not too long after I aspired to VC my real life interfered with my progression. I had just finished my Gaidin project, which was a series of poems about The Wheel of Time that are now in the library. But I stopped coming to Tarvalon and I was gone for some time, only periodically coming back to say hello to my close friends then disappearing again. A few times, I thought that life had slowed enough to where I could get back on regularly and the guys at VC, when I announced that, were right there still, like brothers. When I explained my troubles and life that I was going through, they offered support and helped me out with advice and other comforts. I felt even closer to my brothers in the pack.

Now, after a long time of off and on visiting Tarvalon, I am actually here, still striving toward earning the rank Gaidin, still a proud aspirant to Val’ Cueran.