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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Adine Lewin is a woman from the Two Rivers. She is married to Flann Lewin (TSR, Ch. 32). She has at least two daughters (TSR, Ch. 33).

Adine is plump and has a self-contented eye (TSR, Ch. 32).

Adine does not seem to believe that Perrin is not a Darkfriend, and doesn't even seem sure that Tam and Abell are not Darkfriends. She states that she doesn't believe the Whitecloaks latched onto Rand, Perrin and Mat's names by chance (TSR, Ch. 32).


  • When Perrin, Faile, Tam, Abell and the others arrive at Jac al'Seen's farm on their way to free the Cauthons and Luhhans from the Whitecloaks, Adine and Flann Lewin are among the Two Rivers folk staying there (TSR, Ch. 32).
  • Adine does not seem to believe Perrin when he claims he is not a Darkfriend. She also does not seem to support his plan to rescue the Cauthons and Luhhans (TSR, Ch. 32).
  • Perrin convinces the Two Rivers folk at Jac al'Seen's farm to go to Emond's Field so that they are safer. Even Adine seems to agree that it is best. She orders her daughters to begin packing, and even gives Perrin a grudging nod of approval (TSR, Ch. 33).
  • After the big battle against the Trollocs at Emond's Field, Perrin looks around and lists some of the Two Rivers folk still living. Adine, helping Flann to stand, is among them (TSR, Ch. 56).


  • When Jac al'Seen announces that no one believes Tam and Abell to be Darkfriends, he glares at Adine and Lewin puts a hand on his wife's shoulder. She keeps silent but very obviously wants to say something (TSR, Ch. 32).
  • When Perrin names Padan Fain a Darkfriend, Adine sharply replies that that's easy for him to say, and he can name anyone a Darkfriend (TSR, Ch. 32).
  • Perrin offers to leave, but Elisa al'Seen tells him to stay, shooting Adine a cold look that makes her swallow what she is about to say (TSR, Ch. 32).
  • When Perrin comments that there are always people who will believe things like a Dragon's Fang on someone's door, a number of people look at Adine (TSR, Ch. 33).


Flann's wife, Adine, a plump woman with a self-contented eye, sniffed sharply. "I've heard some things about Tam and Abell, too. And about their boys, running off with Aes Sedai. With Aes Sedai! A dozen of them! You all remember how Emond's Field was burned to the ground. The Light knows what they could have got up to. I heard tell they kidnapped the al'Vere girl." Flann shook his head resignedly and gave Jac an apologetic look. (Adine to Master al'Seen; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 32)

"That's very easy for you to claim," Adine Lewin said sharply. "You can name anybody Darkfriend." (Adine to Perrin about Padan Fain; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 32).