Aleis Barsalla

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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion. Other information about the character is also included in the Companion, but we did not use it in the TarValon.Net Library.

Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Aleis Barsalla is the First Counsel of Far Madding. Supposedly she is a first among equals, but in truth rules Far Madding.

Aleis is tall, with black hair winged with white. She is stately, with a deep voice and an unlined face. Her eyes are dark and filled with compassion and wisdom.

She has an air about her that radiates not only mere authority, but command.

(Reference: Winter's Heart, Chapter 24)


  • Despite the fact that no one is supposed to be able to channel in Far Madding, Cadsuane and Nynaeve get around this using their wells. Aleis is terrified into letting Rand free (WH, Ch. 34).
  • Aleis Barsalla supposedly will never recover the ground she lost when she was forced to free Rand (WH, Ch. 34).


  • She wears a heavy gold signet ring on her right forefinger (WH, Ch. 24).
  • Cadsuane "rectified" a bad habit of Aleis Barsalla's during an earlier meeting (WH, Ch. 24).
  • The Barsalla family is known for having been involved in trade and politics for many, many years (WH, Ch. 25).
  • Cadsuane thinks that Aleis has been a good ruler and regrets breaking such a useful woman (WH, Ch. 34).


"You might say she is the ruler of Far Madding, though the other Counsels call her first among equals. Once, the First Counsel advised the queens of Maredo, but since Maredo's dissolution, most First Counsels have considered themselves the natural heirs to Maredo's rulers." (Sarene to Harine about Aleis Barsalla Winter's Heart, Chapter 24.)

"An Asha'man, I expect. They cannot trouble us. They are free to enter the city, so long as they obey the law." (Aleis to Cadsuane and company; Winter's Heart, Chapter 24)

"An aberration. Perhaps the guardians were in error. No one who was questioned saw anything to suggest --" (Aleis trying to explain the channeling in Far Madding; Winter's Heart, Chapter 34)