April Fools 2016: Pug Edition

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Author: Erin al'Denael


April Fools is a time-honored tradition here at TarValon.Net. I myself have enjoyed this joyous holiday on many occasions. I think my favorite of all time still has to be Tar Bacon. But I digress! This year, the Amyrlin presented Technology with a request...

If you happened to grace the forum of TarValon.Net on/around April 1, 2016, you might have noticed a change in theme. Rhed Sedai, in her glorious wisdom, requested of Technology a boon. She admired the shenanigans our Technology forum pays host to (think cat butts) and decided that she wanted pugs.


I was astounded! I was filled with glee! Our Amyrlin wanted a pug theme?! I hate joining pugs, but I could totally do a pug-theme for the sake of the Tower! I quickly brainstormed ideas on possibly incorporating some other additional event thing where we grabbed people and put them into random groups and gave them quests.

Then Mendo Sedai was all like, "No, she means the dogs."

I'm not a dog person. I'll freely admit that. A gaming-style, pick-up-group theme? Sure! Weird little midget dogs with odd scrunchy faces and breathing problems? Why?!

So I compromised. I did both. I created 2 themes, one pick-up-group themed, and the other weird-looking-dog themed. I shared first the gaming one (because it amused me more) and then the pug one. Apologies if you happened to experience either or both and were offended or visually stunted as a result. I had fun making them, and sharing them with the community. By the weekend, we packed them away.

...though I have heard rumor that Rhed Sedai is still using the dog-pug one. If she sees this, perhaps she will confirm or deny?

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