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Author: Estyrien al'Halien


Barashelle was an Aes Sedai during the Trolloc Wars. The day before Barashelle was to be raised, she bonded a man to prevent another woman from bonding him. The bond was discovered and she was forced to pass the bond to a full sister and was not allowed to take the test for the shawl. She spent the next three years working in the kitchens before being allowed to take the test. She gained the shawl and the Amyrlin chose her Warder, a man called Anselan. He was very stubborn and it was hard to tell who gave commands in their relationship, which is unusual in a relationship involving an Aes Sedai (TFoH, Ch. 36).

The story of Barashelle and Anselan changed a lot over the course of two thousand years. There are tales now of Barashelle doing a long and arduous service to earn Anselan's love while there is no indication of her wearing the shawl (TFoH, Ch. 36). In fact, their "story" is told in The Flame, the Blade and the Heart as a love story (TFoH, Ch. 34).