Bel Tine 2021 - That's a Wrap!

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Author: Siera al'Cere
Published: April 28 2021 - Tar Valon Times Blog Link

Bel Tine has come and gone. Just like the wind that brought it to us, it moves on, taking us through to the next moments here. We had the theme of “New Beginnings,” which seemed to really fit the Tarvalon.Net community this year. Through the past few years, we have seen changes come through the site, and we continue to grow and adapt. The theme really seemed to be a hit, as membership came out, each with their own new beginning!

So many groups brought the spirit of the site and theme, from the White Ajah encouraging New Beginnings for shelter animals; to the Junior members turning from mystery seedlings into blossoms that everyone had to guess! It truly was a lot of fun to be had, and we hope every member enjoyed it to the fullest.

When it came to activities we had a few, the most popular being the Spamathon. The Grays channeled their theme and were true forces of Nature, as they overcame their competitors to hold the Spamathon trophy for the first time ever. Members showed off real life blossoms growing everywhere, making us look forward to the incoming season even more! It wasn’t just the Outreach Activities Team (OAT) that had activities, the Green Ajah had us all working away at tasks in order to “hatch ’em all!”

Just a few days after we wrapped up Bel Tine we gave out some awards, starting with the Best Theme, given to the Junior Members for the growing seedling activity. We also awarded three Spirit of Bel Tine awards — to Arella Mathara, Linkelivar Miou’Mai, and Maibella ni Rhoiden t’al’Varrak. Within the OAT team, we gave the Rockstar of Bel Tine award to Aleita Taviah!

All in all Bel Tine was very successful, and we hoped that everyone enjoyed their time in the Faire Grounds. We hope to have more for you coming later this year for Shaoman!