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Author: Taelinn Dolivras

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Our spring freeweek has ended and the results are posted! Bel Tine and its Spring Cleaning theme swept through Tar Valon, and though it was originally due to run from March 22nd - 28th, the good news about the Tower being debt-free led to its extension until the 31st.

Among the events planned by the Outreach Activities team, the ever-popular Spamathon was a big draw, with staples such as Trivia and the Group Theme Contest also attracting many participants. The Tar Valon Thief Hunt made a comeback after being absent from previous freeweeks, and new event Riddles in the Dark was appreciated by many.

Amarande al'Kalin, Outreach Activities Coordinator, would like to congratulate his team of volunteers on their hard work, and hopes that everyone will be looking forward to Shaoman, which will be longer than Bel Tine, giving participants more time to enjoy the events concocted for them. He would also like to remind everyone that the Outreach Activities Team reviews each event they plan and will make sure that concerns voiced during Bel Tine about events such as the Spamathon or other matters will be taken into account for the planning of future free weeks. If anyone has any questions or comments about Bel Tine or about online events in general, feel free to email

The list of winners from the 2015 edition of Bel Tine:

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Best Group Theme:

Bel Tine Spamathon Champions:


1st Place: Mychael Ritoryn
2nd Place: Corrine Erydinan
3rd Place: Erin al'Denael

Thief Hunt winners:

Riddles In the Dark co-winners:

Story Writing Contest:

Spirit of Bel Tine:

Bel Tine Rock Star:

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