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Description by Manora Sedai, former Head of the Blue Ajah

The Blue Ajah at TarValon.Net is an incredibly diverse group of strong minded people. We have many different interests and also many things in common but the most important thing to all of us is family and friends and we are dedicated to our community. We are active throughout the community and like to get involved. We are hardworking and will turn our hands to any task. We participate in many different areas of the site and we all enjoy the work we do for the Tower. We are committed to supporting each other through good times and bad. We love to plot surprises and to joke and have fun and we are known for our eccentricity and our inventiveness. Like the Blues in the books, we have the freedom to do what we want to. We all have our own causes and ambitions but you can guarantee each of us is putting all of our energy into achieving whatever it is we've set our minds and hearts on.

For further information on the Blue Ajah at, it's members, traditions and history, see the Blue Ajah Headquarters