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Author: Ilverin Matriam
Published: February 11 2021 Tar Valon Blog Link

This article contains SPOILERS.

The Brown Ajah
Highlight for October 2019

The Brown Ajah at TarValon.Net and the Brown Ajah from the books were the highlight of October 2019 on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). TarValon.Net’s Brown Aes Sedai do have a big book-Brown streak, like Serenla Tamowith explained it in this quote:


But at the same time, the Browns have their own identities and are different from each other in many way, like Sela Narian says here:


The Brown Ajah at TarValon.Net can sometimes be very competitive. For example, we asked you:


Usually we have two holiday events per year. The Brown Ajah has won Best Group theme 8 times in total! More than any other group. You can check all of their group themes on their Library page here.

However, the Brown Ajah have their own holiday, Suzanne Day, celebrated since 2008! And Suzanne Day is coming soon! Happy Suzanne Day!


Some of our Browns shared their shawls with us too! Check them out! How pretty!


Book Trivia for the Brown Ajah month included:

The answers to these are: 5 Amyrlins raised from the Brown Ajah, Aiden, Zemaille and Nyein, all come from the Sea Folk, and joined the Brown Ajah, The Head of the Ajah is called First Chair. As First Chair back then in TarValon.Net served Eluial Sedai.

And of course, it will not be a Brown Ajah month if we do not include a quote from our favorite book Brown – Verin! The people love Verin, as shown from the comments under our post:

In addition to this, we added a blog post about Verin’s many adventures, Five Other Times Verin Saved the Day.

You can read more about the Brown Ajah at TarValon.Net and in the books by finding more resources in our Library, check out our blog post which summarizes everything here.

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