Brown Sigs and Badges

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Some of the more artistic Brown Sedai, Aspirants, and Warders occasionally add to the pool of sig banners and badges that all Browns are welcome to use.

Holiday Winner Badges and Suzanne Day

If you're looking for a badge from a winning Spamathon or costume contest, check out the Holiday themes page! All the images in the Suzanne Day theme are, of course, also free for Ajah use.

Sig Banners

Pleasant 01.png   Pleasant 02.png

Brown Tree.png   Vulgar.jpg

20170612 Read-Harder zpsen13i3fs.jpg   Directional Imperative.png

Brown M&M.jpg   Creepy Bunny.png

IntoTheSun.png   Reading Sig.png

Sanity Plane.png   Sasquatch.png

Darker Brown.jpg   Darker Brown Two.png

Cat Herd Wider.png   Cat Herd.png


Brown Flame Badge.png      Sexy Reading Badge.png      Reading Badge.png

Brown Aspirant Flame Badge.png      Sexy Reading Aspirant Badge.png      Reading Aspirant Badge.png      Books Badge.png

Visit the Brown Ajah HQ