Caseille Raskovni

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Caseille Raskovni is the lieutenant of the Queen's Guard. Before, she was a merchant's guard for nearly twenty years. She is a lean and hard Arafellin (WH, Ch. 7).

The first time we see her, she is under-lieutenant (WH, Ch. 7), but she eventually receives the two golden knots of rank, marking her lieutenant (CoT, Ch. 10).


  • She and Deni stand guard at Elayne's door and accompany her when she is to meet Rand. They have suspicions that she is going to meet her secret lover, but they are appalled by seeing "Nuli", Rand's disguise (WH, Ch. 12).
  • When she gets to know Elayne is about to meet with the rulers of the Borderlands, she demands to accompany her with some Guardswomen (WH, Ch. 27).
  • She is in charge of the Guardswomen who escort Elayne to gather soldiers from people like Fridwyn Ros (CoT, Ch. 10).
  • Upon returning to the Royal Palace, Caseille has Elayne's Guardswomen replaced (CoT, Ch. 11).
  • She is one of the twenty-one Guardswomen who help fend off the attack of Arymilla's soldiers (KoD, Ch. 13).
  • After Elayne is freed, Caseille binds Temaile and throws her into the wagon with the other captives (KoD, Ch. 33).
  • She and eight other Guardswomen escort Elayne to her meeting with the Andoran nobles (KoD, Ch. 35).


  • Birgitte thinks that Caseille is a bannerman at heart (WH, Ch. 10).


Caseille Raskovni was one of those who had been a merchant's guard, and her Arafellin accents were not those of an educated woman, but her voice was brisk and no-nonsense. She used the proper form of address, and would until Elayne was crowned, yet she was ready to fight to gain that crown for Elayne. (Elayne about Caseille; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 10)