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This TarValon.Net page is no longer being actively updated.


This position was an Admin position within the Department of Community Development in the Online Services Area. This position was designed to develop worthwhile interactions and activities (games, discussions of various natures) for members within the context of our IRC Chatroom.

It was expected from this person to gather a staff of interested and excited people with a desire to lead these events and direct and lead them in their work.

This position was also be likely called upon to lead a number of activities themselves and therefore required a motivated, active, and creative person for the job.

Chain of Command

The Chat Activities Coordinator reported directly to the Manager of Online Services and the Director of Community Development.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Serve as a channel operator in #OldeWarderandHen
  • Develop and hosting activities in our IRC channels
  • Manage and encourage a staff of program leaders
  • Submit monthly reports on the progress of all activities

This position will have a lot of liberty to take this particular section of Community Development and run with it in any way he or she chooses!


  • Must have been a member in good standing of any rank for at least six months
  • Desire to see members interact in new and compelling ways
  • A basic understanding of how to log in and out of IRC
  • Knowledge of IRC administration would be a plus but is not required


Chat Activities Coordinators