Cilia Cole

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Cilia Cole is a girl from Emond's Field. She is a couple of years older than Egwene, and less than a year younger than Perrin (TEotW, Ravens Prologue).

Cilia has pink cheeks and big eyes (TEotW, Ravens Prologue); TSR, Ch. 42). Perrin thinks that she is pleasingly plump (TSR, Ch. 42).

Egwene thinks that Cilia is a ninny. She also refers to Cilia as "goosebrained" (TEotW, Ravens Prologue).

She was the first girl that Perrin ever kissed (TEotW, Ravens Prologue).


  • At the annual sheep-shearing, Cilia stands with a silly smile on her face, making calf eyes at Perrin (TEotW, Ravens Prologue).
  • Perrin sees Cilia among the other Emond's Field folk when he returns from fighting Trollocs (TSR, Ch. 42).
  • Cilia insists on being tested to see whether she can channel or learn to channel. She passes the test, but is too old to become a novice (LoC, Ch. 10).


Abruptly Egwene realized that someone else was watching Perrin. Cilia Cole, a pink-cheeked girl a couple of years older than she, stood only a few feet away with a silly smile on her face, making calf eyes at him. All he needed to do was turn his head to see her! Egwene grimaced in disgust. She would never be fool enough to make big eyes at a boy like some kind of woolhead. Anyway, Perrin was not even a whole year older than Cilia. Three or four years older was best. Egwene's sisters might have no time to talk to her, but she listened to other girls old enough to know. Some said more, but most thought three or four. Perrin glanced toward Egwene and Cilia and went back to talking quietly with Deselle. Egwene shook her head. Maybe Cilia was a ninny, but he ought to at least notice. (Egwene; The Eye of the World, Ravens Prologue ).

"Cilia Cole wanted to be tested, too," Marce Eldin, a stocky girl, put in. Rand did not much remember her, except that she had always had her nose in a book, even walking in the street. "She insisted! She passed, but they told her she was too old to be a novice." (Marce Eldin to Rand; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 10).