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This page links to the homepages for each of the community groups. For official information on the groups within the Department of Membership, see Ajahs and Companies.


At TarValon.Net, the organization was originally strictly modeled after the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. As such, from the beginning women were able to choose one of seven different Ajahs to join based on their interests and personality, while men became Gaidin. As time went on, it was decided that men deserved the same opportunity to choose a fellowship of brothers, so three Companies were created initially with a fourth to join them a few years later. Eventually gender restrictions were lifted and all members became free to choose the Ajah or Company that suits them best. Each of these Community Groups has a headquarters through which more can be learned about them so please explore at your leisure!

The Ajahs

As in the books, there are seven Ajahs, the initial philosophy of each being modeled on the Ajah in question. However, as we are in the real world, much of what is applicable in the books is not applicable here so the Ajahs have developed over time, each of them having their own distinct feel, sometimes very similar to that of the books, other times less so.

The Companies

With a large male population, the need was felt to create groups akin to the Ajahs to which the men could belong. There were initially three set up, based on broad personality traits, with a fourth joining them some years later.


There is no Black Ajah.