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GrayAjah22.png The Gray Ajah at TarValon.Net


‎15px Who Are We?

The Gray Ajah is a very diverse and very close group here at TarValon.Net. Our members are scattered around the world, in South Africa, Israel, Serbia, Norway, Scotland, Bulgaria, England, Canada, France, Belgium and the USA. We are very different in many ways, but we are all alike in our regard and care for each other, and in our desire for peace, love, and understanding.

The members of the Gray Ajah believe that most anything can be prevented or solved by open, clear, and honest communication. We all live by a No Drama policy, both on the boards and in our real lives. In sharing this ideal, we connect on a deeper level that creates an environment of trust and acceptance. We care about each other and are as communicative on the boards as we are via text message, phone call, and the occasional meeting in real life.

In our private areas we have some spammy threads, but among them it's easy to find threads in which we listen and support each other in our hardships and also rejoice with each other in our happy moments. Even if the Gray mouths are a bit more silent nowadays, the Gray ears and shoulders are still as available as ever. We like to make new members and guests to our Ajah feel welcome, because we know how important it was to us to have people welcome us when we were new to the site. The Grays are always looking for a fun time, and we enjoy making others laugh.

::: ‎ What are the differences between the Gray Ajah from the books and the TarValon.Net Ajah?

In terms of philosophy or ideal, we're fairly similar. We strive for peace and for balance. For the Grays in the books, it was the peace of nations. For the Grays here at TV.Net, it's the peace of everyday relationships. We aren't as political as the book Grays are; we work on a more microscopic scale, with relationships instead. And many of our members have been known to say that they know all the rules inside and out so that they know how to get around them.

One of the main differences between the Grays of the books and the Grays of the site is demeanor. None of the main Aes Sedai in the books are Gray. Until the last couple of books, the Grays are largely overlooked. And when you finally get to spend more time with a Gray character, you find that many of those characters are either painfully flawed in some way or they're Black Ajah. For many of the TV.Net Grays, we didn't even consider the Gray Ajah in the first place, probably because of the representation of the Grays in the books.

And, of course, there's the pie and wheelbarrow things, which the book Grays definitely don't have.

-Description by Magdalenna t'Zai

‎15px What Gray Means To Us

In the books, the Grays are the mediators, the ones that find the balance between two points of view. Here, the Grays are the ones that understand the perfect balance between caring and supporting and being honest, between seriousness and silliness. It's this kind of balance that makes me feel that I can be myself without being judged, without the fear of making the wrong impression. Cause I know Gray wants me for me. And I want Gray for that.

Alyssa Letherio

Gray is an ever changing Ajah. It changed a lot since I joined, many people came, many people left, but to me it remains a place, where I can and should be myself without being judged. What I really enjoy about Gray is that I get along with everybody.

Ilverin Matriam


Official Ajah Positions UnOfficial Ajah Positions TV.Net Positions

Head Clerk of the Gray Ajah:
Jahily al'Karee | e-mail
Gray Newsletter Editor:
Taelinn Dolivras
Director of Marketing:
Siera al'Cere
Heart of the Gray Ajah:
Arinna Katal
Historian of the Gray Ajah:
Ilverin Matriam
Servant of All Coordinator:
Arinna Katal
Sitters of the Gray Ajah:
Ilverin Matriam, Raeviendha al'Toma

Grayt News!: The Gray Newsletter Gray.png Gray Ajah Bunny.PNG

April 19, 2024 Fenya al'Caem was raised LIVE at JordanCon 2024 and now wears the Shawl of Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah! Welcome home, Fenya Sedai!
April 1, 2024 New Spring Term of sitting and hearting is upon us! Congratulations to the Sitters - Ilverin Matriam and Raeviendha al'Toma! And thank you for your continued service as Heart, Arinna Katal!
February 25, 2024 We would like to welcome Estelyn Blackfyre as an Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah! Congratulations and welcome home, Sister! We have waited long for you!
February 21, 2024 We would like to thank our outgoing Head of Ajah Melina Tashir for her incredible work in the position! Congratulations to Jahily al'Karee, the new Head Clerk!
January 29, 2024 YAY one more aspirant joins the Gray Ajah! Lealenya Terim, welcome!
December 20, 2023 We are so so happy that Fenya al'Caem has found her home with the Gray Ajah and has now Aspired!
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