Corin Ayellin

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Corin Ayellin is a woman from Emond's Field. She is slim and wears a thick gray braid that hangs below her waist. She is also the best cook in Emond's Field aside from Marin al'Vere, though even Marin admits that Mistress Ayellin's sweets are better than hers (TEotW, Ravens Prologue).

She cannot abide stealing and deals heavily with anyone who does (TEotW, Ravens Prologue).

In Nynaeve's Accepted test, Corin is a member of the Women's Circle (TGH, Ch. 23).


  • She gives a 16-year-old Nynaeve a whipping for stealing a plum pudding on a dare with Nela Thane (TFoH, Ch. 55).
  • She has a fever that Nynaeve tends until it breaks (TEotW, Ch. 3).


Before Kenley could take a second step, Mistress Ayellin descended on him like a swooping falcon, seizing his ear with one hand and the honeycake with the other. (Egwene; The Eye of the World, Ravens Prologue )