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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Dedric is a young Aielman of the Jaen Rift sept of the Codarra Aiel. He belongs to the Red Shield society.

Dedric is just a little older than Jalani, who is about 16, and is yellow-haired.

When Rand goes to visit the Cairhien Academy, he takes only two Aiel with him, Dedric and Jalani. As Rand goes through the School, Dedric shows interest in the printing press, but Jalani, who apparently decides that he should be keeping guard instead of looking at the inventions, steps hard on his foot.

When Rand goes to speak with Herid Fel, Dedric and Jalani wait outside the door. It is obvious from the way that Jalani is appraising Dedric that she is interested in him.

(Reference: Lord of Chaos, Chapter 18)