Demetre Marcolin

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Demetre Marcolin is the First Captain of the Illianer Companions. He is lantern-jawed and clean-shaven with dark, deep-set eyes (TPoD, Ch. 13).


  • Rand takes him along to the meeting with one band of soldiers loyal to "Lord Brend"/Sammael. At first, Lord Gregorin wants to talk Rand into leaving the task to him or First Captain Marcolin, but he declines. Instead, Rand rides forward with Lord Gregorin, Marcolin, Eben Hopwil, and Corlan Dashiva to talk to the leader of the men, Eagan Padros (TPoD, Ch. 13).
  • Rand Travels with his party, including Marcolin, to the north of Illian. The Companions under him argue with the Tairen Defenders of the Stone about who should guard Rand (TPoD, Ch. 21).
  • Marcolin does not appreciate fighting against the Seanchan with only six thousand men, because he does not know that the force that the Asha'man represent is more than adequate (TPoD, Ch. 22).


"Semaradrid and Marcolin and Tihera each appeared in front of Rand to protest the numbers with somber faces. A few years before, close on six thousand men would have been army enough for any war, but they had seen armies in the tens of thousands, now, hundreds of thousands, as in Artur Hawkwing's day, and to go against the Seanchan, they wanted far more. He sent them away disgruntled." (Rand; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 22)