Department of Membership Services (History)

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This was one of the five original departments, created to house all of the miscellaneous duties for the Tower. It was disbanded only after a few years, and split into two new departments in 2006.


The departmental structure was created at the 2004 Admin Meeting, and the Department of Membership Services was one of the first five departments developed at that meeting. Kariada Kunai was appointed Director of Membership Services. With the initial creation of the department, the departmental duties included events and conferences, online events and activities, the Tar Valon Radio, the Membership Resource Center, baby gifts for new Tower parents, the art museum, citizen avatar collection, and membership birthdays.


The department held the Servant of All Competition. The Tower Museum expanded to contain written works as well as traditional art work, and the Art Curator Darim Pelegro developed new Ajah and Company logos. Tar Valon Radio had several active radio shows. The Mistress of Games position was created.


The Department of Membership Services was split into two new departments: the Department of Community Development and the Department of Real Life Services.