Department of Membership Services (Positions)

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Positions in the Department of Membership Services


Director of Membership Services
Kariada Kunai: August 2004 - March 21, 2007


Mistress/Master of Revels (North America)
Serinia Edoras: January 22, 2007 - March 21, 2007
Ne'Mireth Delvar: June 29, 2006 - January 22, 2007
Jenarra Tikvah: May 11, 2005 - June 29, 2006
Katarianna al'Leya: April 19, 2002 - May 11, 2005
Zara Ravenwood: date unknown - April 19, 2002*1
*1 Held the position before the department was created

Mistress/Master of Revels (Europe)

Maran and Maidelyn held this position concurrently for a time.


Head Marshal

The Head Marshal oversees martial events and athletic competitions at events.

Philanthropy Coordinator

Assistant to the Mistress of Revels

Art Museum Curator

*1 This position was known as Community Creative Developer during Josef's tenure and was an admin position
*2 Held the position before the department was created

Manager of General Services

This position was evaluated in Summer 2009, and the duties were absorbed back into the Director job description

Technical Manager of Tar Valon Radio (Tar Valon Radio Director)