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Blueheader1.png Serinia is an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. She is bonded to Sin Selar.

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Serinia Edoras
Real Name Shannan
Location New York, USA
Birthday December 28
TarValon.Net Information
Affiliation Blue Ajah
Rank Aes Sedai
Join Date September 7, 2005
Bonded to Sin Selar
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January 29th 2008

  • When were you raised to Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah?

Dragon*Con 2007 (Aug 30, 2007)

  • Why did you choose Blue?

Discovering I was a Blue at heart took me some time. The biggest obstacle to finding my home turned out to be a misunderstanding of what the Blues really stood for. Though I knew the words from the books very well, it took several lengthy discussions with a confidant to work out what all those “working for a cause” and “promoting justice” references really meant. They didn’t really resonate with me, nor did the idea of “plotting.” Eventually though, I realized that these aspects of the Ajah are at the core of my personality, I just think of them differently. “Working the system” or conscientiously bettering the world around you is not just what I believe in, it is how I live.

  • Are you like the Blues in the Books?

In some ways. I think Jordan crafts his characters intentionally so that all readers can identify with them, even if they don’t agree with them

  • Do you plot and manipulate? Do you travel a lot?

I feel like the concepts of plotting and manipulation have negative connotations. I prefer to think of it as a fully-aware and intentional evaluation of the situation and environment and then going about getting my desired results in the most strategic way possible. Some people seem to want to ignore that every aspect of life… work, love, family… have more influences than what is best for the whole. All individuals have their own priorities and considerations, and working to utilize your awareness of those factors is just a sensible consideration. I do travel a lot. I’ve been lucky to visit places like Thailand, Brussels, the Philippines, London, Germany, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Newcastle, and of course lots of great places within the US.

  • How was your time as Citizen/Novice/Accepted?

I had the great advantage of meeting several site members through Dragon*con before joining, and so I was immediately at home in the community. I appreciated the guidance and structure, and continue to support our membership model.

  • How long have you been a member of

- Joined - September 7, 2005 - Raised to Citizen - July 28, 2006 - Raised to Novice - October 25, 2006 - Raised to Accepted - January 4, 2007 - Raised to Aes Sedai – August 30, 2007

  • What things do you do for

I am the North American Mistress of Revels. In this role I plan the two annual major parties for in North America – our Fall Ball event and our Anniversary party in the spring. We’ve just finished this year’s Fall Ball cruise from California to Ensenada, Mexico, and I am now planning next year’s Anni in Denver, and Fall Ball in Walt Disney World, Florida.

  • How did you get to read the Series?

I was introduced to the series in 1996 by my then boyfriend. We’re still very good friends actually, and he has become friends with those I have dated since, which have all been relationships resulting from my involvement in the WoT fan community.

  • To whom are you bonded, if you're bonded?

I am not bonded.

  • Who is your mentee, if you have one?

I do not currently have a site mentee.

  • Who's your favorite character of the Series? Favorite Nation?

I enjoy reading from Egwene’s perspective very much, and would consider her one of my favorite characters. The geography of the world is one of my favorite areas of study, so choosing a favorite nation is equally as difficult as a favorite character. I do especially enjoy what we’ve read of Far Madding.

  • What job do you have?

I work in Cincinnati at Procter & Gamble (P&G). P&G is a consumer goods manufacturer known for such products as Tide, Bounty, Pringles, Cover Girl, Folgers, Gillette, Crest, Ariel, Downy, Pampers, Olay, and many others. My role is Interactive Marketing Manager for Actonel, the osteoporosis medicine. I’m responsible for our web page and all marketing strategies through interactive methods such as paid search ads on Google or marketing through WebMD.

  • Do you have a pet?

I have a great cat named Annie (Andromeda, actually). She’s a ragdoll breed, and is completely wonderful.

  • Moiraine or Siuan?

Both, of course.

  • Shienar or Saldaea?

Saldaea, actually. :)

  • Tea or coffee?

Hot Chocolate.

  • A short bio about yourself.

In real life, my name is Shannan, and I live and work in Cincinnati. Cincinnati is not my favorite place, but I love Ohio, and I love my job and I love my life and am overall very happy. I live in a house near an amusement park called Kings Island with my amazing boyfriend Ben (who you may know), and my kitty Annie. When I’m not working on my real job or planning events for, I enjoy watching sports (Go Buckeyes!), traveling, lots of TV (West Wing, Wonderfalls, Daily Show, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang, etc.), and am also on staff for Dragon*Con’s Wheel of Time track.