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alt: technology is represented by a computer screen and a screwdriver icon
Department of Technology
Created in 2004
Headed by Deoan Kakarot and Mendo Cath
Positions within the Department


The Department of Technology takes care of all technological issues, including the running of the message boards and the main site. The department is currently headed by Deoan Kakarot and Mendo Cath.


Main article: Department of Technology (History)

The Department was formed at the 2004 Admin Meeting as the Department of Information Technology, headed by Lyoness al'Thorn.

After the January 2021 Executive Meeting, a choice was given to every Director to have a Co-Director to help them with the work load. In March of 2021 Mendo Cath was hired as Co-Director of Technology to work alongside Deoan Kakarot.

Department Staff

Main article: Department of Technology (Positions)

There are two administrator positions in the department, The Illuminator and the Wansho.