Dermid Ajala

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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Dermid Ajala is a blacksmith in the city of Tear.

He has pale blue eyes and as much gray in his dark hair as Master Luhhan. His thick arms and shoulders speak of many years of working metal.

(Reference: The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 50)


  • While staying in the city of Tear, Perrin enters Ajala's smithy and does some blacksmithing. All three of Ajala's apprentices have left, and there is more work than Ajala can handle on his own. He has orders for a dozen drawerknives, three cooper's adzes, a mortise hammer and more. He sets Perrin to working on the drawerknives (TDR, Ch. 50).
  • At the end of the day of work, Ajala tells Perrin to keep the hammer that he used during the day, since the work he did more than pays for it (TDR, Ch. 50).
  • Perrin continues to work for Ajala the next day. He has Perrin do some more common work, and then sets him to work on an ornamental piece to go on some country lord's gate, made of elaborate curves and scrolls. When Perrin tells Ajala that he will not make something if it is for one of the High Lords (as he fears his work getting into the hands of one of the Forsaken), Faile later says that it looked as if Ajala's eyes were going to fall out his face (TDR, Ch. 53).


The smith snorted loudly. "You're a deal better than any of those louts, moping around and staring, muttering about their nightmares. As if everyone doesn't have nightmares, sometimes. Yes, you can work here, as long as you want. Light, I've orders for a dozen drawknives and three cooper's adzes, and a carpenter down the street needs a mortise hammer, and... Too much to list it. Start with the drawknives, and we will see how far we get before night." (Ajala to Perrin; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 50)

"Take it." Ajala cleared his throat. "I do not usually give away good hammers, but... The work you've done today is worth more than the price of that hammer by far, and maybe it will help you to that 'one day.' Man, if I have ever seen anyone made to hold a smith's hammer, it is you. So take it. Keep it." (Ajala to Perrin; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 50)