Discord Block Party 2020

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Discord Block Party 2020.png

Author: Aleita Taviah
Published: December 4 2020 Tar Valon Times Blog

What are you doing for your next two weekends? Have some free time? Why not stop by the TarValon.Net Discord and have some fun with the Tower Discord Block Party!

We have recently seen and enjoyed many updates to our TarValon.Net Discord. New channels are being requested every week to meet the demands of our diverse community (and our various interests)!

Part of the changes has been many more Virtual Events being run by our members, for our members. The most recent of those is a special Tower Discord Block Party put on by Zashara Sho'am and our Discord Operators.

"Each membership group will have their own channel on Discord, similar to an Olde Warder and Hen table. To get them started, they will be hosting ‘blocks’ of around one hour to give you guys a chance to get to know them better. At other times, our Discord Ops will be hosting fun games and events to let you all kick back and relax with your tower fam. There’s even going to be a special event on Saturday, December 12th!" – Zashara Sho'am.

Check out the schedules below for this weekends events.

BlockPartyDec5th2020.jpg BlockPartyDec6th2020.jpg

When there aren’t special events running you can drop by those channels to chat with members from those groups and get to know different people from around our community.

If you’re having trouble registering for our server, send an email to chat@tarvalon.net and they’ll help you get set up! Our Ops are here to help you so feel free to ask them if you have questions or issues over the weekend/s (or any other time). Keep an eye out next week for the schedule for December 12th & 13th.

We look forward to seeing you all there!