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The Draghkar are remnants of humans, most likely created by Aginor with other Shadowspawn in order to assist The Dark One.

The Draghkar appears as a tall man, but the pale skin and the large, soulless eyes set them apart. They can also shroud themselves in their huge bat-like wings, which enable them to soar across the skies when hunting, like a bird of prey (TEotW, Ch. 10)

“A scream ripped the darkness, a sound like a man dying under sharp knives” (TEotW, Ch. 11) Sometimes, their loud scream can alert people to their whereabouts, but otherwise are effective as assassins.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Draghkar can attack from overhead and cause some damage, but their strength does not lie in physical blows. Although they have sharp talons on their hands that can catch you as they fly, a Draghkar's main attack is their kiss.

When in close proximity, the Draghkar can hypnotize a victim with a soft murmuring song, drawing the victim in before devouring the life and soul from the person (TGH, Ch. 22). A lifeless shell is left. Sometimes it appears as one of the living dead, other times it looks like a body, dead two days, with no marks on it.

“Fearsome and deadly dangerous, and with sharp eyes, but little intelligence,” (TEotW, Ch. 12) the Draghkar are mostly used where armies of Trollocs have passed to catch villages unaware of further attacks that might befall them.


  • A Draghkar is seen by Rand when the group first passes through Emond’s Field.(TEotW, Ch. 10)
  • As the group enters Baerlon, the Whitecloaks mention the Draghkar.(TEotW, Ch. 17)
  • A channelling Rand shoots lightning at some Draghkar near Tarwin's Gap.(TEotW, Ch. 51)
  • Lan and Jaem save Moiraine from a Draghkar’s song at Tifan’s Well.(TGH, Ch. 22)
  • Chion and Seana are killed when Asmodean sends the Shadowspawn to attack Cold Rocks Hold.(TSR, Ch. 50)
  • Lanfear lets slip that Asmodean wanted a distraction while he searches in Rhuidean.(TSR, Ch. 57)
  • Two Draghkar attack Rand after an attack in Jangai. Rand and Aviendha kill them.(TFoH, Ch. 22)
    • A group of over a hundred are sent into the camp during the last battle and destroyed by Elayne and Birgitte (AMoL, Ch. 37).