Dragon's Peace

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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

The Dragon's Peace was the term given to the agreement Rand forced upon the nations in exchange for fighting the Last Battle. It initially had three provisions

  1. Borders of nations to be locked to their current positions, nations to be forbidden from attacking and all to be required to set up a school in their capital, fully funded and open to any who wish to learn. this included sanctions for those who broke the treaty, tariff restrictions to prevent strangling of economies and other rules to enforce the ruling.
  2. The Seals to be given to Rand
  3. Control of all the armies to be given to Rand

At first, most nations rejected it, but Tenobia stated she would sign, as did Berelain and Galad. The others seemed likely to refuse until Rand insisted it was his price for fighting the Dark One at which the mood turned until Egwene refused. At that, the negotiations were on the verge of breaking down until Moiraine appeared (AMoL, Ch. 5). She quotes from the Karaethon Cycle to try and persuade the leaders that they need to follow Rand, telling them that he didn't come to the treaty on his own. Saerin tells him it is a wise document, but that the Seanchan are a problem, and Elayne that there is no way to settle disputes or enforce its provisions. Aviendha insists that the Aiel be included and Perrin realises that they can be used as enforcers. Rand tells the Aiel that they will need a council to make sure they act with a single purpose and do not fight on opposite sides in a conflict. Moiraine points out he should not be the leader of the battle, and the nations agree that Elayne can perform this role. Moiraine then announces that Egwene will be the one to break the Seals, quoting the Karaethon cycle again and making Egwene admit she had dreamed it. She says Egwene will know when the time is right.

In the vision of the future that Aviendha had, the Aiel had not been included in the Dragon's Peace, but with the changes made, it may be that this future can be avoided.


The Last age ended with a Breaking, and so the next one will begin with a peace - even if it must be shoved down your throats like medicine given to a screaming babe (Moiraine, A Memory of Light, Chapter 6)