Elayne's Succession

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Late in Morgase rule, Andor was on the verge of rebellion, with many people feeling that Elaida had too much influence. This feeling was compounded when Rahvin took over and had Morgase mistreat and exile many of her supporters, such that many nobles no longer wanted to see a Trakand on the throne. The great houses coalesced into three groupings, one behind Elayne, a second supporting Arymilla Marne and a third neutral faction.

Morgase and Gaebril

Elayne in Andor


The Seige of Caemlyn

The Trakand Victory


Following Arymilla's defeat at the siege of Caemlyn, those of her supporters that were not irreversibly committed declared for Elayne and shortly after, the majority of those who had remained neutral did so also (This passage needs a reference). The houses that had led opposition to her, Arawn, Marne and Sarand were stripped of land and titles, with their estates given to Cairhienin nobles to bind them to Elayne (ToM, Ch. 50).