Elwinn Taron

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Elwinn Taron is the Wisdom of Deven Ride. She is short and round, with a pleasant, motherly smile that she wears even when she is making people do what they do not want to do.

Faile thinks to herself that the one advantage she has over the Wisdoms is that they know the effect that Perrin has on them; they are always self-conscious around him and try to make themselves firm, but their resolutions always fly out the window at the sight of him. The Wisdoms don't seem to be sure whether to prefer to deal with Perrin or Faile.

Daise, Edelle, Elwinn, and Milla pay a visit to Faile to speak of a couple of things. The first thing they tell Faile is that three boys have run off to see the world. Faile offers to ask Perrin to speak to them about it, and at the mention of Perrin's name, all four Wisdoms become self-conscious; Elwinn unconsciously draws her braid over her shoulder and arranges it carefully. When they realize how they are reacting, they freeze and do not look at each other or at Faile, but Edelle replies for all of them that it won't be necessary as Elwinn smiles at Faile, a smile suitable for a mother to daughter. They then speak about the unnatural weather. Faile tries to be optimistic to them.

Elwinn compliments Faile on her dress, and tells her that there is a Taraboner seamstress in Deven Ride who could make better ones for her.

(Reference: Lord of Chaos, Prologue)