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MDD Epic poem

By Halan Leion, completed under the tutelage of Captain Azrael Unedited.

The boy from Denvor, small but brave, started his epic quest, from his fathers grave. His father dead, lord of the land, sent his only son into a foreign land.

The boy was told, upon dying lips, to seek the book of love from a devious witch, far from here, through mountains and hardship untold

So the boy set off to become a man, to find himself, and fulfil his fathers dying plan, to find the book, bring it home and regain the thrown.

With him went his fathers most trusted retainers, deadly with both blade and wisdom, all unique and mighty in their own right.

Ciaran the poet, warrior of words, manipulator of facts and terror of the classroom. Old and wise Jalen, master of enlightenment of souls and paladin of the light, destroyer of evil and follower Buddha.

The blade master Azrael, a hurricane of steel destroying anything in his path, the immortal warrior destroyer of cities and owner of woman’s hearts.

D’ran the trickster, master of mind warfare lover of all men and all wise at hair products.

Douquel the magician, master sorcerer, seer of the past present and the future.

Emp Orer, the publicist of gossip, lover of film and leisure, spy second to none, great assets to the Dukes band.

There was Gerrok the warrior, with strength of thirty men, battler of trolls and turnips, he was among the first to pledge his allegiance to the duke.

Gwynidon the archer, eagle eyes and lethal at range, the envy of all, free spirit and harvester of the unwary.

Maeric the medic, honest and strong, caring to sick and weak, lover of words and song.

Marrow, the Gamer, cavalry of the unit, the sabre cat mounts stalking the lands, his war cry ‘Fail”!! Putting despair into the hearts of his enemies, bended knee to the Duke and awaited his command.

Sataere the Shield, tall and strong, impervious to blows, immovable in battle, the mountain against the storm, he would weather out his opponents, and crush them in the end.

Sunri the scout, fast and light on his motorcycle he would ride, striking fear into his enemies with his fearless attacks, sometimes getting lost, but always returning at the most desperate of times to turn the tide.

Mathei the challenger, Master of Arts and puzzles, using problems to confuse his foes, blinding them with their own mortal mistakes before they die under his blade.

Taric the debater, learned warrior, traveller of the lands, seldom seen but always there, watching the world.

alCary the skirmisher, dancer of death, fearless dictator of men, dog of the dessert, he hounds his prey to their doom.

Aves the Mathematician, master of numbers and markets, kill his foes with his calculator, while bouncing his checks.

Bale the flyer, epic adventurer, dive bomber and fearless in regard to death, called the ‘whispering death’ by his foes, and ‘that guy’ by his friends.

The north men Izanaagi and Jeryn, seasoned raiders, fearless men both, fishermen with out compare and loyal followers of the Duke.

The Sphinx called Jahen, known and feared through the lands, for challenges given, death greeting the wrong. The question is always the same, “In the Tarvalon rubix cube Jah’s the seventh side, chew on that a minute blow your mind.” The Duke first amongst men answered correctly and Jahen joined the growing thong.

Yammaal the man from the east, ninja, unseen and without shadow, predator in the night, master cook and collector of spice.

And last of all was Whil , words cannot describe this warrior, a man without compare, alternative in nature, his feet grace the land, making birds sing and rainbows shine in the shadow of his being.

For many nights the army trudged through horror and wonder to their destination, the Castle of the witch now visible on the horizon The night before the battle, the band rested in a valley, surrounded, not by soldier or bandits but by Harpies, dark in the shadows around the fire. Cursed by the witch, they were wretched creatures, mangy and begged the duke to save them from their plight.

Surveying the women, the duke felt pity in his soul; he bade them to choose a man to bond and join his mighty band.

Sunri got Tricia, connected through intelligence and love of thrill, she became his map to avoid being lost, and together they become awesome.

Maeric got the blue woman Adina, generous and full of smile, benevolent and artistic, cunning and curious, she bonded her man.

D’ran got Jade, leader and liberal of women, a fearless fighter for women’s rights, and a sharp dark sense of humour.

Aves the Kiwi, Serenla chose as her own, gatherer of knowledge and wisdom, she settled down quickly in servitude and the two became a powerful pair.

Arisaema evaded the whirling steel and gentled the blade masters heart, directing his frenzy, and healing any mark against him.

Jalen Katarianna chose as her own, free spirit and follower of the wind, elegance and regal beyond words, the witch would tremble under their combined gaze.

Whil was chosen by Kytheria, who improved his already godly attitude to life, and made butterflies flutter around their heads and the danced in the blooming meadows.

Mathei, Neisa chose to bond, the puzzles previously used grew stronger and more complex, darkness grows around these two as the forces of darkness play their little games on the world.

The Duke chose last, his would be the best, for no one at his side would be less than he, Sela was chosen, her will overwhelmed by the Dukes presence, the mistress of beauty and happiness softened the Dukes heart, and he called for a pony so she could ride beside his noble steed.

The morning was dark and cloudy, the witch was waiting, in the courtyard the sentinels of the castle pounced, upon the cautious intruders. The three guards fought valiantly, unshakable in their dedication to their mistress Valorian, Defen and Aeval fought like daemons untold, Azrael and Valorian fought tactically and equally in Risk, unable to find fault in their opponent, defen hurled boulders at his foe, colossal strength met with grime power of Gerrok.

Aeval the fire daemon rained fire on the intruders, the brightness contrasting the darkness of Mathei and Neisa, both unable to overthrow the other.

The duke fought the fighting to a close, his presence stopping any more destruction, with a nod of his majestic head the duke allowed the sentinels to join his ranks, and continued further into the castle.

In the dungeons Segurant and Penryn were waiting, darkness was their friend, and shadows their weapons, terror filled the duke’s ranks until his arura glowed and brought light into the rooms, such a show of power, the shadow fighters bent knee to the Duke and filled his band.

In the stairways leading to the witch’s room, portraits of Vivianna, Serenia, Sephrenia and Dralyn magically challenged the foe, hurling hexes from immortal positions, the advance ground to a halt. The duke surveyed the problem, ordering all the pictures be burn, he drove the portraits into one small frame which he took as his own, to adorned his awaiting throne back home.

The duke alone went to the witch’s room, a ghastly sight meeting his eyes, perched upon a golden thrown was the immortal spirit of the hag named Tinnlin, true nemeses of power to the Dukes formidable own. The battle a week lasted, the earth shook and split in terror, the stars shrank back in awe of the power unleashed, in the end the Tinnlin was vanquished and the duke victorious.

The duke gained the book, surveyed the room but denied himself kingship, his purpose was to train and produce strong soldiers for his new castle, the walls no longer dark, shadows no longer gathering within the walls. The captain of recruits the Duke then became, to empower the mortals to succeed and grow in power, and upon his thrown Darim rests, a god among men, and a legend among the gods.