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Author: Aleita Taviah, April 2008

Dralyn Montsier, otherwise known as The Keeper of the Chronicles is an ever ready member of TarValon.Net. As Keeper for TV.Net she does a lot of work behind the scenes helping Mother and keeping everything rolling and shiny for the rest of us. While she may not know it, she is admired by many and her efforts are greatly appreciated. Here is what a few members had to say about Dralyn Sedai, and why everyone loves her...!

"Dralyn's commitment to the site is truly incredible--from posting in the admin forums while in labor to juggling younguns at the admin meeting, her dedication is obvious. She's also so incredibly organized and efficient--I couldn't do half of what she does even if I had twice the time." - Kyla Sedai

"Dralyn Sedai is a wonderful admin, and a lovely woman I've only had the pleasure of meeting her once, at our 5th Anniversary Party in Corpus Christi. Though I didn't get to spend a lot of time talking to her, I found she is a very sweet, very funny lady! Her daughter is the cutest thing (next to my own kids of course ) and I hope to meet her again soon! " - Melisande Sedai

"Dralyn is awesome. She works very hard as our Keeper and always has a fun, kind word to say to everyone. Plus, she didn't bind me, shield me, or cut me off from the source in any way when I stole her Keeper's Staff for Tsu, Lia and I's "therapy session" ordered by Dr Wen and Dr Noura. " - Lyara

"Dralyn Sedai is the person I have known the longest here. She started off and still is my mentor, she has also become one of my closest friends. She is very good at giving advice, and isn't afraid or hesitant to tell you when you're being a fool yet she manages to do it in a somewhat kind fashion, even though I protest that she is evhul and scary she is extremely supportive and has a wonderful sense of humour, and I value her alot in my life." - Sasha