April 2008 Tar Valon Times

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Editor's Note

Well, our biggest news is that we've changed our site! After an intermission where we switched things over, we are now ready to release the database. Thanks go to all the members of the Tar Valon Times staff, especially our Publications Staff Manager, Mirandha Laflor. Thanks also must go to the stellar archivists who have been working on the archives for the past few months. It's thanks to them that we'll be able to find all the Tar Valon Times that have ever been released, in a searchable, tagged database. We really believe that this will bring the Tar Valon Times to a new level of organization, with archives that are easily accessed.

Also, if you register an account on the Times website, you'll be able to leave comments on the individual articles. In addition, you can access the rss feed on the side, and have the Tar Valon Times sent to your personal feed reader whenever it is released.

We're really excited about these new features, and we hope you'll enjoy them.

-Sela Narian, Director of Communications