Feast of Lights 2020 - Green Ajah & SDS GCH Causes

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Author: Aleita Taviah
Published: January 6 2021 Tar Valon Times Blog

So far we have shared as part of the Feast of Lights we have highlighted the Great Charity Hunt Causes from The Brown Ajah/Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb & The Gray Ajah, Val’Cueran & The Yellow Ajah and today we’re sharing the causes of The Green Ajah and San d’ma Shadar.

The Green Ajah Cause – Crisis Outreach

Crisis Outreach is the cause chosen by The Green Ajah. The Green Ajah wanted to support this cause because many of the organisations which they are formally supporting have offered help when our members needed it, or they have worked with them directly. They intend to offer their support in both time and money and any other ways suited to the specific organisations. Some of the organisations they are supporting are Covenant House, the Trevor Project, You Are Not Alone, Randomacts.org, Norma’s House and Legacy Ranch.

The San d’ma Shadar Cause – Anything & Everything

Anything and Everything has been chosen as the cause of San d’ma Shadar. There are so many different areas of the world we live in that could use our help and SDS is there for them all. We look forward to seeing all the different ways that the Gaidin of San d’ma Shadar will be Servants of All as part of The Great Charity Hunt so keep an eye out on the Servant of All Forum for more information.

Keep an eye out over the next two weeks for the final two posts about the other causes chosen by our community to help during The Great Charity Hunt! In case you missed them here are links to the causes we’ve shared so far in the Tar Valon Times.