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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Garam was the son of a landowner near the western side of the Spine of the World who lived sometime after the Breaking of the World. He was a slight, dark-eyed and dark-haired man who looked tough.

His father allowed Rhodric and his Aiel to draw water on his lands, which was the first time they did not have to fight for something. The Aiel did not forget this over the course of the years and gave the Cairhienin - the descendants of Garam and his people - the Avendoraldera as a present and sign of peace (TWoRJTWoT; TDR, Ch. 39).

He was to tell Rhodric and his greatfather when the Jenn started to move again.

His father had an Aes Sedai advisor, though he tried to keep it secret. He was afraid of Aes Sedai and wanted to kill them before they could destroy the world again.

(Reference: The Shadow Rising, Chapter 25)