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Hend the Striker is one of the Heroes of the Horn. He is a big, dark skinned man (AMoL, Ch. 39). He appears to be a cheerful man, smiling and laughing a lot (AMoL, Ch. 39; AMoL, Ch. 43).

He rides a bay horse almost as big as a Seanchan boar-horse (AMoL, Ch. 43).


  • Although he is not mentioned by name, likely he was called by the Horn to fight at Falme (TGH, Ch. 47).
  • During the Last Battle, when Mat expresses concern that he (Mat) might be tied to the Horn of Valere, Hend assures him that he is not, though he does not know why. He then takes off to fight the Sharans (AMoL, Ch. 43).


"If the other side had been able to summon us, you'd be dead by now!" (Hend to Mat; AMoL, Ch. 39).

"The Shadow knows how to incapacitate us. Bind us hand and foot, and we can do nothing to aid the battle. It doesn't matter if one is immortal when one cannot move." (Hend to Mat; AMoL, Ch. 39).