How We Read Robert Jordan

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I loved to open up a fresh novel, some proper music and peace in a quiet room and I was set. As I got older I discovered audiobooks and have the entire Wheel of Time series and many others. For me this is a fantastic way to enjoy RJ.

Shayleean De'Altarata

I like to read at night when its quiet and all the kids, animals, etc. are in bed. I sit in a quiet room.

Turok Tedoradze

I like to wait for the solitude of the night to read WoT. I find it easier then to really absorb myself into the story. Plus, without distractions it is easier to visualize the scenery and the characters in the story.

Kelsen Talenost

I usually wait until Friday night and then read all through the weekend with brief breaks... and hopefully finish before classes start on Monday morning. Needless to say, homework and studying do not get done when a new book comes out.


I like to read on the weekends, and listen to the series on my ipod at work. I enjoy the audio 'cause Michael and Kate do tremendous jobs of giving each character their own little voice nuance. The books, I enjoy sitting on the couch drinking a glass of wine and relaxing to a few hundred pages of a good book.

Eleyan Teyal Al'Landerin

The funniest thing about reading him? I would get so HUNGRY! The first time through I read late at night. I started simply assembling plates of pickles, cheeses, olives, boiled eggs, lunch meats... I'd make a plate, bring it up to my room. I'd settle in for an 8+ hour reading session, and whenever the characters ate I would eat too. I gained 10 lbs reading the series for the first time.

Kheldar Chergoba

For me, it's always a matter of losing track of time from becoming so absorbed in the story, especially if the book is a good one. I'll be reading away and suddenly glance up at the clock and be astonished to find out that it is 4 am and I should have been asleep hours ago so I can be rested for work! Needless to say, there have been more than a few days where I was a bit tired at work but I don't mind since reading has always been a great passion of mine.

Napolde Surion

I always like reading before I go to sleep. I have got into this habit so much now that I can't sleep without reading SOMETHING before sleeping, and what better than WoT? I'm going to start a re-read soon, from the fourth book though since I read 1,2 and 3 really recently.

Lyara Tieran

I open the book, sit down and when I'm finished, I remember the rest of the world exists.

Rois al'Bahyr

I lock my door and curl up in my room, away from family and homework. I usually bring some chocolate, and spend the night with WoT. If I read during the day, someone will interrupt me, but nighttime is all mine!

Bakure Mazayed

When I get my book, I read as much as I can in one sitting. I read fast and cruise through the book in a day or two. Then I read the book again, slowly this time to absorb the fine details. If something doesn't make sense, I grab one of the old books and look for references or I use the library here and do some research. RJ's fact checker is good... She doesn't make mistakes. Before I sit down to read I make sure I have a bunch of yummy diet soda and appropriate background music, good lighting (I'm getting old and my eyes can't deal with dim reading) and I used to make sure I had chips and dip, but these days it's more likely to be carrots and celery. And once I finish each new book.. I read all the original books again.

Axis m'Troutilas

I like reading from a nice paper book, not any of this e-book business. And it doesn't matter where I read, but my favourite is tucked up in bed. But whether I'm lying on the couch or wherever, I like the feel a nice paper book that smells nice in my hands, and just lose myself in the words.

Ryanna al'Tira

Any time that I can! On the way to work, at lunch, on the way home from work, at night in bed, when the kids are asleep. Name me a place a I'll try to read! (you're really not supposed to read in the bath, are you?). Seriously though, reading WoT has given me such a chance to escape into a wonderful world of characters and places that just leap out of the pages and into your imagination. I can't imagine reading anything as wonderful as this.

Lascha al'Mai

I like to read when my house is quiet. So either late at night or when my son is at school. I tend to get totally absorbed and forget to eat. LOL I also don't remember people talking to me. So that is why I can't do it when my son is home. He could ask for $100 and I could say yes without realizing it. LOL

Alghar Khan

I prefer reading the books in paper-form. I like everything to be nice and quiet around me. And I usually lie down when I'm reading. I usually don't eat anything when I'm reading, but if I do it's usually something that will not get me the risk of messing up the book. I will take a break and eat something if I get really hungry, but mostly I loose myself in the book so much that I forget everything about hunger, thirst or need of sleep (silly me)!


I prefer the paperbacks as I can easily carry them along, stuff them into too small bags, make dog's ears in them... and I love to read them sitting comfortably on the couch while it´s getting dark outside with some black tea or warm spiced wine at my side, especially in winter.

Vallen Draevis

I read a new RJ book for as long as possible before I have to put it down and deal with real life. I'm normally too "into" it to eat, so I come up for air absolutely starving! Now, since I've finished something like my ninth re-read (starting on a new one as soon as I unpack all my books! argh!), I read with a red pencil in hand (to underline important parts) and a notebook on my lap or beside me. I'm becoming very strict about keeping notes and trying to figure everything out. As I sit here thinking about it, I can't wait to find my books and start with that red pencil and notebook again!

Morrigaine al'Ravyn

Whenever a new WOT book came out, my husband and I (He is as big of a fan of WOT as I am, that's one way we met) will curl up on the couch, and just read together, no interuptions, just quiet perfection.

Carnan al'Caldazar

I prefer reading the books at night, so I don't get interrupted. Otherwise I end up reading a paragraph about ten times, and thinking the characters are repeating themselves a lot. Reading them on holiday is good too, although I was reading A Path of Daggers once in Italy, and the sun made the glue in the spine melt, and all the pages started falling out... Nightmare!

Gaelowyn Mordero'Tsorovan

Seeing the words is what I like and I find it really makes the story come alive for me. I tend to read when ever I get a moment! Being curled up in bed with a candle lit is definately the favourite time. You need good peace and quiet so you can just drift away to Randland, ahhhhhh 'tis bliss!! (and yes chocolate does some how miraculously appear in bed with me, eek!)

Torrie le'alma

I tend to read whenever I get a chance. At lunch, on my breaks, at night after the kids go to bed. Whenever. The only problem I have at night is falling asleep. lol.

Rit'koma Imorj

I have to be horizontal when I read. It doesn't matter where, it just matters that I am. When I read a book i don't see the words. Instead I see everything happening as a movie.

De'bann Maia

I am glad I'm not the only one who prepares a snack platter for lengthy fantasy novel reading! When I read, I start over from the beginning each time I decide to read the books. When the next book is about to be released, I start all over with Eye of the World. I've been known to decide it's time for a re-read, and then I just follow certain story lines. Sometimes I want to read about Perrin, or Egwene, etc, so I'll read those parts and skim over the rest until I get to the next chapter in which the character I'm interested in at the moment appears again. One of these days I will have to start at the beginning again, and with great determination and dedication, Read. Every. Word. I like to read curled up in a comfy chair, on the sofa, or in bed under warm blankets. I like quiet, but as long as the others in the house don't bug me, I can ignore them. Especially if it's a new book which I've not yet read. I probably wouldn't hear the end of the world if I had a new book in my hands. *grin*

Odessa Mandragoren We moved several years ago and have put about 30 boxes of books in storage. I haven't been able to read RJ for a very long time. I am hoping to get the boxes out and find all the books. When I do have them I curl up on the couch with tea, turn off the phone and make sure everyone else is gone for the day and I read. I can only read for about 15 minutes at night before I fall asleep. The dreams are great, but it is hard to get through a book that way.

Seamus al'Ahroe

I like WoT on paper and audiobooks. I put them on my ipod and listen to them while walking around. It's great for the morning commute, and walking my dog. Michael and Kate really do a great job.

Bar Nabi

Takes me years to read RJ, sometimes I can only read a sentence at a time. Deeper into the book, I'm up all night trying to finish the battle. I think the reason RJ and Randland are so popular is that you don't always get it the first time around.

Moonshine I like to read with me eyes, my nose and ears don't work great for it!

Ra'Hul Collort

The best time to read the book is by far during night. There is no distractions or sounds, only the WoT world. To really be absorbed and to understand the text I am reading, I lock myself up in some room pretty much like an Ogier. I also take some breaks to ponder on what will happen further up in the book or in a particular plot (since I have not yet finished the series it is possible to me). When seldomly I hit the nail, it gives a certain satisfaction.

Elin al'Nia

I read all the time (okay, maybe not when I'm supposed to be working), and am always part way through several books. I have a couple in my desk drawer for lunchtime and breaks, and at least two (sometimes three) at home - I'll read one when I'm cooking dinner, one when I sit down in the evening and another when I go to bed at night. And if I can't read, I get very, very grumpy. You wouldn't like me when I can't read. I went on holiday earlier this year and only took one book with me, thinking I'd easily be able to buy another when I finished that one. I finished it and couldn't get a replacement for four days, by which time I was climbing the walls with frustration and snapping everyone's head off (sorry about the mixed imagery there but it really was bad, I shudder to even think about it).

Vealdan Annalin When one book is interesting I am completely absorbed on it. I lose track of everything else except the book. I can say that I am just leaving this world and go into the world of the book. So if there is any noise or something else to disturb me I don't notice it once I get in the book.

Dicen Co' Vah

In order for me to get the effect I like when reading (The Movie Effect). I have to start out in complete silence/no distraction. After about 30 minutes of this you can bounce bricks off my head and detonate atom bombs beside me and I can't be distracted...

Linara Daelvin

I definitely prefer reading in the summer time, in a hammock in the garden. When I started reading the books, around 1993, I used to read listening to classical music, preferably Pachebels: Canon and such. I just think that music fits the books so well. As for how I read, if I have a new book, I read every free moment I have, neglecting food and visits to the little girls' room. There is nothing like the bittersweet moment when you lay down the book, it's like saying goodbye to one of your best friends... Can't imagine how it will feel to lay down that 12th, last book. Woe, the sweet sorrow!

Ridley Mordan

I read RJ at any time I get the chance to. I always carry a book with me anywhere I go. It is my personal escape. Favorite time to read is at night, though this causes problems cause some times I go to sleep late.

Thorodyl Alwynn

I couldn't have put it better myself. If I have room in a bag or whatever I'm carrying, I try to keep a WoT book on me at all times, so if I have to sit and wait anywhere I can plop down and read. But I generally get at least an hour of solid reading in every night before sleep, but sometimes that turns into like 3-4 hours...

Ismene Gillandred I always used to read Wheel of Time while I was at the gym, working out on the treadmill. I was busy training to run a marathon, and reading Wheel of Time helped the miles fly by. My favorite scenes were always of the Aiel. They always seemed to be involved in some sort of pointless, grueling physical exercise. I could really relate!