Ishara (Queen of Andor)

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The full name was not recorded in the main series, but was given in the Wheel of Time Companion. Other information about the character is also included in the Companion, but we did not use it in the TarValon.Net Library.

Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Ishara was the first Queen of Andor, and ruled from FY 994 until her death in FY 1020. She was born of Joal Ramedar, who was the last king of Aldeshar, and Endara Casalain, who was Artur Hawkwing's governor for the then province of Andor.

Ishara was married to Souran Maravaile, who was Artur Hawkwing's general. She had a daughter named Alesinde; it was Ishara that started the custom of sending the Daughter-Heir to study in the White Tower. She also had several sons, none of which lived past the age of twenty (LoC, Ch. 26).

Ishara had an Aes Sedai advisor, Ballair (LoC, Ch. 26).


Ishara's Line

Alesinde (FY 1020 - FY 1035)
Melasune (FY 1035 - FY 1046)
Termylle (FY 1046 - FY 1073)
Maragaine (FY 1054 - FY 1073)
Astara (FY 1073 - FY 1085)
Telaisien (FY 1085 - FY 1103)
Morrigan (FY 1103 - FY 1114)
Lyndelle (FY 1114 -- ??? [ruled for fifty-one years])

In times when there is no Daughter-Heir to ascend the throne of Andor, it comes down to a matter of how closely each competitor is related to Ishara. The more lines you have to the first queen of Andor, the more solid your claim to the throne begins. The degree of the connections is also factored in here. As it is, Elenia has thirty one lines to Ishara, and Dyelin has thirty (LoC, Ch. 26).


"With Hawkwing dead, every noble thought to become High King. Or High Queen. Ishara knew that no one would be able to take it all, though; there were too many factions, and alliances broke as soon as made." (Elenia to Rand; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 26)

"Ishara was wise. She promised the Aes Sedai that her eldest daughter would be sent to study in the White Tower, thus gaining the Tower's backing and an Aes Sedai advisor named Ballair, the first ruler to do so." (Elenia to Rand; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 26)

"Ishara had Souran secure the land around Caemlyn first, only a few villages in the beginning, then slowly expanded her control. Why, it took five years for her sway to reach the River Erinin. But the land that Andor's Queens held was solidly theirs when most others who called themselves kings or queens were still more interested in gaining new lands than in solidifying what they already had." (Elenia to Rand; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 26)