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Author: Maibella Rhoiden

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Welcome to the May 2016 edition of the Tar Valon Times! It wasn’t intentional, but this turned out to be the month of the Guest Reporters. When people start coming out of the woodwork asking to write for the TVT, I’m certainly not going to turn them down. :D

Guest Reporters Relinya Sedai and Jaim Gaidin tell us about Anni, in pictures and recipes. Staff Reporter Nymala Sedai and Guest Reporter Bryher Sedai tell us about outreach and costumes at JordanCon.

TVT Reporters at JordanCon, with their TVT Reporter badges
Bryher Sedai, Cahalan Sedai (her article will be in next month's edition), Nymala Sedai

Our other Guest Reporters include Ne’Merith Sedai who shares what is going on with TarValon.Net’s Social Media and Ixialdor Lathanril with a review of the game Shadows of Camelot.

The TVT’s Staff Reporters have been busy this month as well. Kitan Sedai writes about her recent convention experience, Erin al'Denael recaps the fun she had with April Fool’s Day this year and her ongoing Guesting, Kyla Sedai reviews books and asks questions, Theolyn Sedai does another avatar makeover, and Taelinn Sedai shares her experiences with her new activity tracker. And we can’t forget the latest adventure in Kryan’s story, by Elyss Koh'inor, and the monthly TarValon.Net recap, by Alyccea Nymaessene.

We hope that you enjoy this month’s TVT. If you ever want to be a Guest Reporter (or a Staff Reporter) I encourage you to email me (editor@tarvalon.net) – I’ll be thrilled to hear from you!

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