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Books with Known Authors

Annals of the Final Night: Written by Alrom Marsim

Essays on Reason: Written by Daria Gahand

The History of the Stone of Tear: Written by Eban Vandes

Seeing Through the Breaking: Written by Elandria Borndat

Men of Fire and Women of Air: A book on people who could channel in the first days of Artur Hawkwing, written by Elora

A Journey to Tarabon: Written by Eurian Romavni

Reason and Unreason: Written by Herid Fel

The Travels of Jain Farstrider: Written by Jain Charin

A Study of Men, Women and the One Power Among Human: Written by Ledar

The Way of the Light: Written by Lothair Mantelar

Fog and Steel: A book on the art of war, written by Madoc Comadrin. all copies were believed lost, and even the name was forgotten, but Roedran obtained one somehow

A Study of the War of the Shadow: Written by Moilin

Ponderings: Written by Pelateos

Commentary on the Dragon: Written by Sajius

The Killers of the Black Veil: A book on the Aiel written by Soran Milo

The Dance of the Hawk and the Hummingbird: Written by Teven Aerwin

The Essays of Willim of Manaches: Written by Willim of Manaches

Books with Unknown Authors

A Comprehensive Discussion of Pre-Breaking Relics

Alight in the Snow: A Book Graendal read

Customs and Ceremonies of the Tairen Court

Dealings with the Territory of Mayene, 500 to 750 of the New Era

Echoes of his Dynasty

Falling Shale

The Flame, the Blade and the Heart,

Hearts of Flame - A collection of love stories

Marks and Remarks

Meditations on the Kindling Flame

Mirrors of the Wheel

Monuments Past

Observations on a Visit to Tear

The Proper Taming of Power

Travels in the Aiel Waste, with Various Observations on the Savage Inhabitants

The Treasures of the Stone of Tear (At least twelve volumes)

To Sail Beyond the Sunset

Thoughts Among the Ruins

Voyager Among the Sea Folk.

The Wake of the Breaking