Listening to the Wind

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Listening to the Wind is a Talent, commonly found amongst Wilders, that enables a person to know what the weather will be like. In some areas, such as the Two Rivers, it is expected that the Wisdom will be able to do this, but most cannot and predict the weather based on other signs (LoC, Prologue). Though they do not know they are channeling, Listening to the Wind is a thing of air and water (TEotW, Ch. 21), that an individual chooses to do (TEotW, Ch. 28). Nynaeve could Listen to the Wind before she left the Two Rivers, and though she could not recognise when a person could channel as such, she was able to tell that Egwene had the ability (TEotW, Ch. 3). After she left, her ability began to change until she could sometimes tell when there was trouble ahead (TEotW, Ch. 37; TGH, Ch. 8); TDR, Ch. 10). Although isolated villages generally do not realise the ability has to do with the One Power, in places like Tear, it is taken as the next thing to Aes Sedai work (TDR, Ch. 48).


"A Wisdom almost never marries. Nynaeve has been teaching me, you know. She says I have a talent, that I can learn to listen to the wind. Nynaeve says not all Wisdoms can, even if they say they do." (Egwene, The Eye of the World, Chapter 3).

"Oh, it has nothing to do with the wind, of course. It is of Air and Water. It is not something you needed to be taught; it was born into you, just as it was born into Egwene. But you have learned to handle it, which she still has to learn." (Moiraine, to Nynaeve, The Eye of the World, Chapter 21.