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To apply, you must

  • Participate in class lessons (self-paced) with the MoN/R and pass a test on the site
  • Been a Novice or Recruit for a minimum of 12 weeks
  • Be at least 18 years of age.

Additionally, it is recommended

  • To complete all 14 books, as Sitting Rooms will not be spoiler free

How to Apply

When you meet the requirements and you feel you are ready to move on, you will email the Mistress/Master of Novices and Recruits with the information listed in the raising thread in their office.

Going Before the Hall

If the Master/Mistress of Novices and Recruits feels you are ready, they will start a thread in the Hall. Within the post would be the avatar, real first name, joining date, raising date, and link to your profile.

When evaluating a candidate, the Hall must be sure that the member is committed, trustworthy, understands how the Tower is run and gets along well with others. A novice or recruit who has mostly remained in the Junior Member forums during tenure in the Tower is less likely to be approved for raising than a member who has posted in both the Tower and also in the general forums (such as General, Technology & Media etc., in places where one may interact with Community Members of all groups and ranks). Likewise, a Novice or Recruit who has not posted in the Junior Member forums, or hardly at all, posting only in the general forums, is less likely to be approved for raising, as he or she has not yet interacted altogether much with the groups to which he or she would one day aspire. Interaction with all groups available is highly recommended, so as to wholly realize one’s prospects.

The majority of Hall members search for evidence in one’s posting history that this Community Member is involved, dedicated, genuine, friendly and, above all, forging worthy relationships among one’s fellow Community Members. The Tower is a community based upon mutual respect and friendship, and these values would ideally be evident in one of a mind to be raised to the level of Accepted/Soldier. An issue often raised in the Hall is that of post activity. While there is no specific number of posts which is ideal, a Novice/Recruit should have a great deal of who they are represented in these posts.

The Hall very carefully votes upon each Community Member's raising, accepting those who are both friendly and dedicated. One may be friendly, but dedication is hard to discern from too few posts - or too many, if the post history consists of 'spam,' i.e. throw-away posts which show little to nothing of the candidate's character. Either raise a red flag, and could be grounds for denying the raising until the Community Member has contributed more posts which represent who he or she is as a person. A particularly positive recommendation from a mentor is also taken into consideration.

One situation which also raises a red flag for those considered for raising to the level of Accepted/Soldier is that of a Community Member recently returned from a leave of absence. All too often, a Novice or Recruit has gone on leave of absence for a month or longer, and then come back, posted quite a lot for a week or two, and then submitted him/herself for raising. The majority of the time, this causes Hall members to deny their application, with the recommendation that he or she mingle a while longer and show that they are indeed still dedicated over a longer period of time (a month or two, depending upon the situation).

The Test

Once the Hall approves your application, you will be given the test. Do not despair if you do not pass one of these steps. The Mistress/Master of Novices and Recruits is here to help you.

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