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There might come a time when a Community Member needs to be gone for a period of time. This may be due to vacation, family, school, extra-curricular activities or any number of other instances. In these circumstances, a Community Member should inform his or her Community Membership administrator that he or she will be taking a leave of absence (LoA). Community Members who will be gone for less than two weeks need not contact their Community Membership administrator, as the primary purpose of a leave of absence is to save a Community Member from being culled during a Membership Clean-Up. A secondary purpose of a leave of absence is to keep one's Community Membership administrator informed in general, as it is a Community Membership administrator's role to supervise all the Community Members in his or her group.

Leaves of absence can be for any length of time, and can even be for an undecided length of time. As stated above, a Community Member only needs to inform his or her Community Membership administrator. However, you only need to inform your Community Membership administrator that you will be gone if your leave of absence will be longer than two weeks. Emailing or PMing your Community Membership administrator will suffice.

The only Community Members who need to announce a leave of absence to the entire site are Officers and Directors because of the nature of how their positions affect the entire site. When Community Membership administrators take a leave of absence, they let their groups know and assign someone to watch over things in their stead. In addition, all administrators and staff should inform their Director as soon as they are able if they will be gone for a period longer than four days (longer than two days for Community Membership administrators and those in time-critical positions). All other leaves of absence are not announced to the site at large, so if you would like to alert someone to your absence, you should contact them privately.

Should a staff member or administrator need to be gone for more than 30 days, the administration asks that that volunteer step down from his/her position and allow someone else to take the reins. The Amyrlin Seat or Keeper of the Chronicles may approve a longer administrative leave of absence in special circumstances. If a staff member or administrator disappears for 30 days, the administration will attempt to make contact with that volunteer. Should attempts at contact remain unsuccessful, the administration will proceed with replacing the staff member or administrator.

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