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What is TarValon.Net

TarValon.Net is not simply a website or Facebook group, but a community. While we aim to make interacting with us as easy as possible, we do have rules such as our Code of Conduct, or regulations for Pseudonyms, Avatars and Signatures that everyone is expected to follow. Our Membership Manual is divided into sections, with each one having information specifically relevant to different stage of the community. The Membership Manual provides information for anyone who takes part in our community.

Membership Manual Contents

We have a summary page, that has direct links to all the information, but in general, following the navigation links on the bottom of the page will take you through all the information that is required at each level, with other information that is more specific, such as rules for attending our events, available through links within the body of the text.

This is specific for people who don't wish to join the community, but are looking to take part in the discussions on our message boards.

This section gives information about features exclusively available to community members, and the additional expectations of people who join the community, so that guests can make an informed decision about whether they wish to join.

This section aims to provide people who have decided to join more specific information about how the community works, how to progress within it and their place as a Citizen.

This section aims to provide information specific to those who have decided to join the Tower.

This section provides information that is relevant to people who have reached Senior Member level.

This section had additional information, that while not essential, is important for people wanting to take full advantage of what we offer as a community.