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This page is in the process of being updated, so some sections may be incomplete, though should not be incorrect

Our forums are extensive and can be confusing. In general, the rules of our forums can be summed up as thus:

  1. Please use titles for Senior Members in all forums. Exceptions are listed in the forum description.
  2. Our Code of Conduct applies for all forums. Please remember that we expect respect and tolerance for all members.

Here is a description of the forums, sub-forums, and any special rules:

  • Site Announcements - This forum is for announcements of everything that affects the organization. Only certain people in the administration have access to make posts, though anyone can post in threads that exist in the forum.
  • Introductions - This forum includes information for people waiting for their citizen application to be approved, as well as the introduction threads of those same people.
  • Ask the White Tower - This forum is for questions people have about the Tower and general things. This is a resource to get an answer quickly, particularly if the answer is not in the Membership Manual. If you have a technical question, please email support.
  • General - A general discussion forum.
    • Frivolous Fun - A forum for games and other non-topic related quizzes and humor, as well as the forum where our freeweeks and festivals occur.
    • Mafia

Discussion Halls: All areas of converstion

    • Current Events - A discussion forum for current events and other deep discussion topics. Rules for the forum are located here. All members can see this forum, but you must request permission to post in it by emailing the Director of Moderators. No titles are required in this forum.
    • Education and Employment - It exists to provide Tower members with a place to get help on finding jobs, whether it's resume-building or interview tips or for anything related to education.
    • Home and Garden
    • Sports Fantatics
    • Hand Crafts
    • Fine Arts and Literary Pursuits
    • Tech Talk
    • Gaming
    • Entertainment
  • Events - These forums exist to plan our official events, conferences, and unofficial events.
  • City Hall - A forum primarily used for calling new novices and recruits into the Tower.
  • The Olde Warder and Hen - A general interaction forum.
  • The Apartments - A forum for the Resident Citizens and Senior Members.
  • The Head Librarian's Desk - Where members of the Tower can participate in the efforts of our Department of Research to make our Library the best.
  • The Classroom - Where our Department of Research hosts classes about The Wheel of Time and our organization.
  • Book Discussion Forums - These are exactly what they sound like. Make sure that you protect against spoilers by using the spoiler code and by posting the appropriate information in the correct forums! Titles are not necessary in these forums.
  • Wheel of Time News Discussion - Discussion about news from the series, its author, and any other pertinent findings.
  • The Hall of Novices and Recruits -
    • The Gardens -
    • The Dormitory
  • Senior Members - A forum for our Senior Members to interact with each other in.
    • Gaidin and Aes Sedai - Private forums for each rank.
  • Ajah Sitting Rooms and Company Great Rooms - Forums for the members and guests of each group. Titles are often not required in these forums, though each group has different guidelines.
  • Ajah and Company Chambers - Private forums for the members of each group.
  • Administrative Forums - Where our administration takes place.

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