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How are locations for our Official Events chosen?

There are up to six official events each year. Of these, only one has a permanent location, JordanCon is hosted in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The other five events are chosen through our proposal process. Proposals are solicited for each of these between 12-15 months before the event. The appropriate administrators (the Mistress/Master of Revels for the event's region, the Director of Events & Conferences, the Officers, and anyone else deemed necessary to come to a decision) convene and compare the bids. Once they have chosen a venue and a date, it is announced, and preliminary planning begins.

Can anyone submit a proposal?

Yes, any member of TarValon.Net can submit a proposal! If you have a location that you think would be great for one of our official events, keep an eye out for posts in Site Announcements detailing how to submit a proposal. In general, you should research your chosen venue for lodging, food, and things to do in the area and compile it into an email that will be sent to the appropriate committee.

Please note that you do not have to live at the location for which you submit a proposal. If you have visited a location several times and know it well, and you feel it would be a good venue for one of our events, please submit a proposal for it!

What other planning goes into events?

Our events can be very intricate and involve the work of several committees, and they can also be fairly low-key and involve planning that the Master/Mistress of Revels handles personally. For our largest events, we usually have committees involving Entertainment, Food, Transportation, Errands, Welcome, Decorations, Safety, and several others. Each committee has several members and one or two leaders, all reporting to the Master/Mistress of Revels, and their plans are approved by the Director of Events & Conferences. For our simpler events, the Master/Mistress of Revels plans most of the food, entertainment, transportation, and other aspects of the events and recruits volunteers to help informally as needed.

If committees are needed, the administration will ask for volunteers, either on the registration form for the event or in the event's forum. If you are interested in several committees, put each down. The administration cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to the committee for which you volunteer, but we will do our best to ensure that you are put on a committee that you are ok with being on.

The one committee that exists at every event that you cannot sign up for is the Clean-up Committee. Every single attendee is on that committee, and everyone is expected to clean up at various points, whether it's cleaning up the kitchen or your own mess in the room you slept in. Either way, you will be expected to clean up, and if you refuse, your attendance at future events is in jeopardy.

Local Liaisons

Local liaisons are the administration's connection to the location and venue. They help us determine costs of food in the area, evaluate lodging, assess viable entertainment options and other regional assessments. Often, those who have submitted a winning bid fill this slot, though this is not always the case. Local liaisons often put in almost as much time orchestrating events as the Master/Mistress of Revels, so please make sure you think through how much time you will have during the three to six months leading up to an event before agreeing to become a local liaison.

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